Hi! I'm Audrey. I'm a Wifey & Momma to three.

Original Muse was started in November of 2017.
I can't say I've always wanted to have an online boutique, but I'm sure happy I do. "The shop" is something that has evolved over the years. It is a space that allows me to combine all my favorite creative outlets in one. I've always been a lover of fashion and intrigued by individual style. 

There is a certain confidence that comes from a piece of clothing or outfit you love. If something from Original Muse gives you that feeling, my mission is accomplished. 

Original Muse Ladies love versatility and a good graphic top.

What Original Muse means to me.
Original (First), Muse (Inspiration) so...
What first inspires YOU
My Babies are what first inspired me to dream bigger, so of course the name is after them too!

A little more about me...
+ I love watching my Babies dance and play sports.
+ Coffee is a must. I like mine with maple syrup.
+ I love meeting new people and going to new places.
+ I love the gym, bike rides, and trained for a half marathon by myself last summer. (Probably won't be doing that again.)
+ I really like dogs. We currently have three, and I will miss my Zeusy Boy forever.
+ I'm sarcastic. I love to laugh, and love it even more when I can make someone else laugh. It's the best medicine. 

I am so glad you stopped my my little piece of the web. Come hangout on Instagram stories. I share a lot of "everyday" stuff over there. 

Happy Styling!